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Designing your dream home? Whatever stage you’re at, we can help. The process starts with you and your ideas, aspirations and needs.

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Design is a Dialogue

It begins with us listening to you. Your individual needs and aspirations are always the starting point of our project.

It begins with us listening to you. Your individual wants and aspirations are always the starting point of our project. Perhaps it’s something you’ve just started to think about. Or it’s something you’ve planned for a long time. Either way, your head is probably buzzing with ideas and questions. And we know it can be stressful. There’s so much to think about and knowing when to start. 

Here’s where we start to support you, helping you plan your timescales and finances. We have a range of services for you to choose from to build the design package that best suits you, whether you're extending your home, building a new house or replacing a dwelling. Whatever package you select, you can rely on our high levels of design, attentiveness and accessibility.

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Project Brief

The success of your project depends on having a quality design brief.

From our first conversation, we begin to develop a project brief with you that sits at the core of everything we do on your behalf throughout the life of the project. 

We develop your project brief by listening carefully to what you require. We'll find out how you live and how you want to live to design the spaces around you. 

Design Packages

Enjoy the flexibility of our Essential and Enhanced Design Packages for Homeowners

To suit your budget and working style, choose between our Essential or Enhanced Architectural Design packages. 

The Essential Architectural Design package has all the information you’ll need to design your project and get planning permission. It includes the technical design for building regulations compliance in 2D drawing format.

The Enhanced Architectural Design package includes everything in the Essential Design package, plus added 3D computer modelling to help you visualise the design proposals, inside and out.

At any stage of your project, you can upgrade from Essential to Enhanced.

Need to know more?

Frequently asked questions.

Do you project manage?

Yes. We can help you throughout the construction phase and up to the completion of your project on-site. We will stay with you throughout the build to ensure that what has been designed on paper is delivered in reality. We are on hand to answer any questions or deal with issues if they arise on-site. We ensure that attention to detail is maintained throughout the construction process. We also handle all of the necessary contract documents between you and the contractor to simplify payments and to ensure everyone is protected if anything goes wrong. 

Do you know and work with certain builders?

Yes. We work with several contractors and can help to match you with a contractor that is appropriate for your project type and scale. We can manage a competitive tender process if that is appropriate for your project.

How long will it take for me to get planning?

This depends. Usually, planning applications take 3 months for the local authority to determine but since the Covid 19 lockdowns of 2020, local authorities have been experiencing delays. We are starting to see signs of this situation improving. We can advise you on whether your local authority is operating a delayed planning service and how long it could take to get planning once we know the project address and have established your project brief.

How much will my project cost to build?

The cost of your project will depend on a number of factors; scale and extent, complexity, timescales, access and the general economic climate. It has been widely publicised that material costs have risen and are continuing to rise. Add to this inflation and the rising cost of living, these are challenging times to be able to offer certainty on the cost of any given building project. However, we can help to give you establish what your project will cost as we progress.

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