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  • 02 April 2021
  • News

Planning win for joint application at Alma Lane, Wilmslow

Alma Lane External01

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Whilst chatting over the fence one day, two neighbours learned of the other’s intention to extend to their home. Rather than risk the extensions clashing in style, or compromising the other’s amenity, the neighbours took the decision to undertake a joint design and approached Hamer Way.

The clients had similar design principles in mind. This allowed us to create a composition of 2 individually bespoke extensions that have their own distinct character whilst sitting harmoniously and respectfully together.

We are proud to have progressed all design work through to submission of a full joint planning application, entirely remotely, during lockdown. Conducting client meetings via Zoom call, we used 3D computer modelling to walk the neighbours virtually through their new spaces.

Planning permission was granted today without complication and the projects are due to start on site in Spring 2021.

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