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Private Homes

Cheshire Green Living

The Brief

The great outdoors was the starting point for this very special project in the Cheshire Greenbelt.

Size233 sq m
StatusPlanning Permission granted 2022

In the heart of Cheshire's Greenbelt, this project seamlessly merges the clients' love for the outdoors with thoughts of later-life living. The existing house, surrounded by stunning views of 'The Edge,' lacked a connection to its spectacular surroundings. The family, avid outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for farming and cider-making, sought to transform their home.

To amplify the connection between indoors and outdoors, a ground-floor extension was added, relocating the kitchen-dining area to the centre of the plan. Large sliding doors now open to panoramic views, creating a spectacular backdrop for family life and gatherings. The existing outdoor kitchen, crafted by the client, complements the indoor space, serving as an inviting spot for entertaining family and friends.


The exterior pays homage to Cheshire's agricultural roots

Future-proofing for later-life living was a priority. The extension's design allows for easy conversion into self-contained accommodation, ensuring comfort and accessibility for elderly family members. The master bedroom on the first floor extends towards the garden, offering a picturesque view of The Edge. A new terrace provides an elevated perspective for morning coffee, while a new ensuite bathroom and dressing area adds a touch of luxury to the master suite.

The exterior pays homage to Cheshire's agricultural roots with Cheshire brick finishing at the rear and dramatic black charred timber cladding wrapping the extensions. Sustainability takes center stage, with state-of-the-art solar panels and an air source heat pump, reflecting the client's commitment to minimising environmental impact and future-proofing their home for years to come. This project is a harmonious blend of design, functionality, and environmental responsibility, truly enhancing the family's connection to both their home and the natural beauty of Cheshire's Greenbelt.


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